Lately when I was surfing on I found a nice and a little extravagant looking pair of shorts by alldressedup, a brand I had not heard about yet. That was good reason for me to have a closer look…

Alldressedup is a label from Singapore founded in 2005 by Lionel Leo and Tina Tan Leo. The name is derived from the answer “I was all dressed up at six” which Tina gave to Leo when he asked her when and how her consummate passion for fashion had started. Responsible for the design is a team of designers. The label launches two collections per year including an accessory line.

Here are some looks from the current spring collection.


What I like most is the play with the texture of the fabrics through pleats, ruffles and other techniques which change the surface of fabric. Especially the necklace which I found on yoox is a good example.



Another interesting aspect is the shape of the clothes: the short coat with the longer round back and the big collar in a slide A-shape, the jacket which is shaped through carefully arranged ruffles or the violet coloured dress with length running pleats from neck to knee and horizontally arranged asymmetric ruffles around the knees which results in an artistic looking shape.


The ruffle dress:


And in order to close the circle: the shorts with which everything began:


looks + company information:
shorts+ dress: net-a-porter.con

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