Currently in love again with Chie Mihara Shoes

Again a shoe post – I guess I’m a shoe lover – well who does not love shoes?
This time: Shoes by Chie Mihara, a designer with Spanish and Japanese roots. The shoes from her collection are so comfortable and good looking at the same time that it’s just shoe heaven. I managed to buy a pair once, but since then…
Anyway, here are some of my favourites from her spring collection:







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2 Responses to Currently in love again with Chie Mihara Shoes

  1. LollyD says:

    Oh, you’ve tapped my weakness–Chie Mihara makes the best “skirt” shoes! The way she sculpts her heels and attends to little details gets me to open my wallet every time. I really like the current selection at Ped Shoes (, which is a little different than what other stores seem to have. I am particularly in love with a wedge sandal with lattice/lace cutwork on the upper. (If you’re interested in seeing it: –long link, I know.) So pretty!

    • dressmaker says:

      The wedges are really cute – but the price is compared to European ones (current exchange rate considered) too high. I guess these shoes would cost around 230 Euros – approx. 299 Dollars. The official Chie Mihara store ships also to the US. Maybe they will add these wedges to their store soon??

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