New Sandals for Summer

It’s been two month now that I have been searching for a perfect pair of sandals. I have only a blurry image in mind but despite this there are some criteria the sandals should match: black patent leather, a litttle unusual look but still fitting to most of my outfits, comfortable and able to survive cobblestone streets at least somehow (when I will return to my hometown, the shoes will face this challenge everyday as I live in a very historic town with lots of old houses and mainly cobblestone streets). And I almost forgot: there is of course a price limit, as always.
Today I finally decided to check out all my shoe resources again and I came up with the following choices:

Three pairs of sandals by f-troupe matching almost all criteria:

bow-thongWell the upper is fabric and not patent leather, but I just like the bow – sophisticated and definitely not too girly!


Here is a finally a black patent leather sandal with one buckle…


… and is the gladiatore version.

And two other sandals by Nine West, wich do not match all criteria but I kind of like them, too…


The first three sandals are by f-troupe as well as the pictures. Check out their website for more beautiful shoes:
The two last sandals are by Nine West, pictures  via

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