Leaves of Grass New York

A couple of years ago I saw one of the embroidered tunics by Leaves of Grass for the first time. Since then I come across their tunics, kurtas, minidresses…  every season (mainly on net-a-porter or yoox.com).
Everytime, I am facinated by the rich flower embroidery based on a embroidery technique from the 14th century (according to the leaves of grass website) in combination with embellishments and bright colours.
This is  beaten only by those creations where in addtion to embroidery and embellishment a patterned fabric (usually flowers) is used instead of an unicoloured one.  At first glance, this sounds way to much but the parts of these combinations usually complement each other so well that in the end the whole is more than the sum of its parts (Aristotle would have loved it).


from the Leaves of Grass Spring Collection 2008


Lavender coloured tunic: Spring 2008   Royal blue tunic: Spring 2009

Actually I never thought that I would own one of their pieces one day, but luckily I am a little adictted to ebay . As anything is sold on ebay sooner or later, a couple of weeks ago a Leaves of Grass kurta was offered for an affordable price! Of course it was from one of the last seasons, but mostly I do only care about what I like and not about seasons.
Anyway – I got it and what to say? It was worth buying it! Amazing silk fabric and beautiful embroidery + embellishments.


Spring 2007 – my tunic! 🙂

All pictures collected from net-a-porter.com
The label’s website: http://www.leavesofgrassnewyork.com

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