Chapeau Claudette

Since I purchased my first 30s vintage hat at Etsy last year I am always looking for new ones.
But unfortunately finding a hat from the 20s or 30s is not that easy and if you come across one it usually costs you a little fortune.
The other option: buying look alikes. Since a while now, Topshop, Asos, Urban Outfitters, Accessorize and many more are selling fascinators at least, but usually no hats.
But finally, my hunt ended today and I arrived in my personal hat paradise as I discovered a cute straw hat via It is made by Chapeau Claudette who is also responsible for many of the fascinators out there (it seems that I did not pay attention well…)
Luckily Claudette Outland sells besides the fascinators many other creations on her website at affordable price and some also in the style of the 20s!




Pictures via Chapeau Claudette:
Except the straw hat:

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2 Responses to Chapeau Claudette

  1. kenya says:

    the royal purple one is really cute

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