Mini Cross Body Bags/ kleine Schultertaschen

Actually, I am one of those girls who always carry one of these oversized bags around. Mine is not even necessarily full of stuff (“Why do you need such a big bag then???” to quote just one of my friends). But currently, I am obsessed with mini cross body bags.  There are so many cute options available in this season that I might not stick to my big-bag habit any more…

My retro inspired finds from Asos:


The violet coloured cuties are from See by Cloé  (the mini, mini one is for 77 GB Pounds only!;  seen at
The bag in the right corner: Pure (seen at Asos)…
…and the dark brown is the Berkshire Bag by West/ Feren (via


Some vintage beauties from Etsy: the black tassle bag is from the 80s, for the other two the age is unknown
all three are made of leather
if you need any information from whom to purchase these bags at Etsy, just contact me and I will mail you the necessary information (yes, I have finally added an e-mail adress; go to “about this blog”) . I am little too lazy to write everything down here, sorry!


And at last, another small vintage beauty from Etsy, actually not a cross body bag, but soooo cute!!


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