Goldknopf Couture

Goldknopf Couture is a label by Thomas Lempertz and Friedemann Vogel from Stuttgart, Germany. I first discovered it when this label was featured on in 2008. A couple of days ago, I saw the pictures of their latest collection (S/S 09) and thought that Goldknopf Couture is definitely worth a post.

As it can be  seen by the website’s intro, the fashion of Goldknopf Couture is inspired by the costumes of theater and ballet.



Both designers are former ballet dancers and know each other from childhood on. As they say in the interview by Burda their interest in fashion began early with their fascination for costume making which they could observe  in theater every day.
Six years ago, Thomas Leibertz and Friedemann Vogel became owners of  a store for sewing accessories (buttons, trimmings, ribbons, yarn etc.) in Stuttgart which they renamed Goldknopf. The daily work with these goods was the second source of inspiration for Goldknopf Couture coming to life in winter 2007.

Since then Thomas Leibertz and Friedemann Vogel are successfully creating  fashion and still sell sewing accessories in their store Goldknopf. The latter makes me very happy – at least I can buy some trimmings and stuff at their store.
Here are some looks from their latest collection (S/S 09):

unbenannt-1The queen of the sailor outfits


unbenannt-5Details, details, details…

unbenannt-4Tutu dress (?)

What I love most about their collection are the silk  fabrics, the attention for details and the play with different colours – sometimes very bright ones, sometimes just white. And of course my own fascination for ballet is feeded here as well as my obsession with trimmings, ribbons, lace… what a label!!!

All pictures via
The Burda interview can be found here

The Adress of Goldknopf Couture in Stuttgart:

Charlottenstraße 17
70173 Stuttgart

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2 Responses to Goldknopf Couture

  1. france kesteloot says:

    Dear Sirs,

    Do you have a shop in Belgium or would it be possible to order Goldknopf couture from Belgium?
    Thank you for your reply.

    Best regards,

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