Dujour The Vintage Issue

I love the new issue of Dujour (available as print and digital version) – it’s all about vintage! There are several articles about artists and designers who sell on Etsy, some blogs are featured and truly amazing photos, photos, photos! Some are more romantic and nostalgic but there are also some which are very now.

Here are some teasers!

mirror mirror on the wall

mirror mirror on the wall3

mirror mirror on the wall

Photographer: Fiona/ www.fionaruhe.com
Styling: Sophia van den Hoek
Hair and make-up: Dominika Swietlik
Model: cathelijne@michamodels.nl

Let them eat cake! (my personal favourite – of course!:))

let them eat cake3A very inspiring look! I guess I have to buy such lace tights and new shoes…
And they write that the skirt is by H&M, have you ever seen such a skirt at H&M??

let them eat cake

Photographer: Bianca de Jong, www.toeps.nl
Hair and make-up: Naaike Beijer for Angelique Hoorn agency for guerlain
Styling: Martine Reurings
Model: Merel @ modelsincompany.nl

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3 Responses to Dujour The Vintage Issue

  1. michi says:

    i think there are actually two skirts on the third pic – and i´ve seen the pink, fluttery one. but in reality it looked more like children´s carnival… 😦

    but i luv luv luv the top on the first pic!! do you know where that is from?

    • dressmaker says:

      Hey! Sorry for no writing it down in the first place! This beautiful top (I like it also a lot!!!) is from Ted Baker.
      And thanks for the answer on the H&M skirt – at least it looks good in the picture.

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