New Shoes

Actually, I am constantly looking for new shoes and actually, this time I was looking for flat sandals. Yes, it’s the same sandals issue I wrote about at the beginning of last month. Apparently I was not able to make any decision yet.  So I made no decision (which is actually also a kind of decision) and waited for whatever… a kind of enlightenment or sth. Fortunately it came with the Dujour Vintage Issue where they showed a wounderful pair of booties by Bronx (Model Shani) with a wedge heel and gladiator lace up. The sandal issue is forgotten – at least at the moment.

bronx shani

There was a similar kind available in spring at H&M but somehow it was not totally appealing. The Problem with the shoes by Bronx: way to high, not really manageable in daily use because around my flat the streets are precipitous  – so no chance with high heels. The solution: another similar pair by Bronx (Modell Vibe II), with a lower heel! I was sooo happy to discover it at!!! Hopefully it’ll fit!?!

bronx vibe II
By the way, at fronline they also sell Shani in black.

first picture: Dujoure Vintage Issue
second picture via

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