Inspiration: Windbraut

I am very sorry for not posting much during the last days. First my parents visited me (which was really nice!) and now I am ill (which is not so nice :() Because of the latter there is only a short but very beautiful post today. I discovered “Windbraut” while going through some old Vogues. The atmosphere of these pictures is really stunning!
“Windbraut” is a very old German word and meant “very strong storm”. It consists of the words for storm (Wind) and bride (Braut). Today, you may only find this word in poetry.


windbraut comme de gracon3

windbraut comme de gracon5

windbraut comme de gracon7

windbraut comme de gracon4

windbraut comme de gracon9

windbraut comme de gracon2

Magazine: German Vogue September 2005
Photographer: Koto Bolofo
Model: they don’t tell
Designer: Comme des Garçons
Hair: Terry Saxon
Make-up: Houda Remita
Fashion editor: Christiane Arp
Assistence: Lynn Schmidt

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One Response to Inspiration: Windbraut

  1. SpiegelEule says:

    hmm, was für eine schöne serie

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