I discovered the swedish label Indiska – may be you know it already?! Sadly they sell their clothes and home decor stuff in Scandinavian countries only. But anyway – this not a reason for not having a closer look! From clothes to home decor, everything is very colourful and lots of patterns and embroideries are used. The style is something between ethnic and bohemian.
Here are some of my favourites from the Indiska homepage. I am really in love with the waistcoat and the harem pants (there are made of pure silk!!). I almost forgot: prices are very reasonable!

weste + haremhose


rock blumen

kissen + decke

tassen + lampe

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2 Responses to Indiska

  1. Tety says:

    I discovered this label in Kopenhagen 4 years ago. I still wear my scarf and use the bag, that I bought there.

    • dressmaker says:

      Hopefully I also make it to the Sweden or Denmark soon – can’t wait to have a closer look on their stuff!!

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