Lola and Emily, Montréal

It has been a little silent on my blog lately because I traveled quite a lot during the last and the current month. Unfortunately there was not much time left for writing – I am very sorry for that! In August I will be at home most of the time and post more regularly.

In the middle of June I visited Montréal for the first time. I liked this city very much. The mixture of North American lifestyle and French savoir vivre was very appealing. I especially loved the street cafés, the parks and the French pâtisseries.

Of course I also went shopping. My favorite store was Lola & Emily which sells Scandinavian labels like Filippa K., Odd Molly etc. – very well known in Europe but mostly not to find in North America. The interior of the store is really beautiful: mostly white with some older furniture, very spacious and as a highlight a big mobile consisting of white folded birds. They have a website and an own blog.

I bought a nice headpiece which has been handmade by Petit Chapeau by Michelle. It has a spray of silk flowers, some delicate feathers and a little veil.

lola und emily

I also loved this jacket by the Korean lable Clu (I couldn’t find any website) but unfortunately I had a tight budget.

clu lola und emily

picture of the jacket by Clu: Lola & Emily

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