Welcoming Autumn

With New York fashion week just around the corner the whole blogosphere will start discussing next summer’s clothes and styles in a couple of days. I am also excited however currently more busy with my wardrobe for autumn; especially since the temperatures droped to 18°C and rain is going to dominate the days again. And I must admit: I love this time of the year even more then summer! Maybe some will think I am completely crazy but I can’t help it, I love autumn! Of course I could not resist when the first pumpkins arrived in stores. I bought some and my husband and I made a pumpkin filled strudel today. It was really delicious!
Besides food, I also found the perfect and cutest accessoires for this season by Karen Weidner : aren’t these brooches and necklace  gorgeous???


kette beeren

There are available at Karen Weidner’s webshop and come in two colours: their natural ones and black for a more glamorous look. Also discover her other really nice accessories! It’s worth it!
I have also done a lot of research on hats,  scarfs and shoes lately and will share my results with a post soon.

So happy autumn everyone!

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4 Responses to Welcoming Autumn

  1. kelly says:

    autumn is a favourite for me too…i’m so ready to move into woollies and hats! these accessories really are beautiful. i love the little acorns! Xx

    oh and your pumpkin strudel sounds amazing!

  2. Monique says:

    Can you show us the clothes you bought from Noa Noa’s autumn collection? 😀

    • dressmaker says:

      Yes, I am planning to do this. Since I am working I got very slow concerning blogging. I am very sorry for that! I try to post my purchases this weekend!

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