Things to wear this autumn & winter: hats

Some time a ago I wrote that I did some research on accessories and shoes for autumn and winter. Since than there was no real need for hats or warmer scarfs because the weather was quite nice. Accordingly I was not in the mood to post anything about these accessories. But now the weather started to change: the air is colder, the sun less stronger and my ears and nose are getting red when I leave the house. So it’s definitly time for some cozy stuff to wrap around!

I start with my hat collection from different brands, mostly affordable and (hopefully) still available.

anthropologie_seebergerall hats by Anthropologie except of the checked hat which is by Seeberger (available here)

accessorize_manoush the purple, blue and patterned beanies/ berets are by Accessorize, the brown one by Manoush (available here)

zussa_allehat, beret and cap by Zussa

salon hütea cap and hat by Salon (Susanne Gäbel)

veiled beaniesand the new trend (?): veiled beanies by Helene Berman and Bernstock (available at and Urban Outfitters). Interesting, that two designers had this very same idea. I’m not quite sure if I like it or not. What about you?

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