by Ti-Mo

I discovered by Ti-Mo, a lable from Norway founded by Tine Mollatt in 2004, in a local store just around the corner and was immediately enchanted by its cozy, feminine and comfortable clothes. Their campaign photos caught my eye as well as their really lovely website. With that kind of clothes winter is no challange anymore if only it would be as snowy and glittery as on the pictures…

ti-mo winter 20092

ti-mo winter 20095

This knitted, embroidered cardigan is one of my favourites!

ti-mo winter 20093

ti-mo winter 2009

ti-mo winter 20094

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2 Responses to by Ti-Mo

  1. Monique says:

    I love Ti-Mo! But I don’t have any of their clothes, ’cause I find the store so confusing 😛 It’s small too, so it makes me feel uncomfortable…

    • dressmaker says:

      That’s a funny coincidence: here, the store which is selling by Ti-Mo is also pretty small. But what prevents me from buying are the prices… 🙂

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