Paris Fashion Week S/S 2010: Chanel

Well, I would never have expected hay at a Chanel show (particulary after the more elegant decorations of the last shows) but it seems that with a Karl Lagerfeld you better expect anything. This also refers to the shown clothes.
As always Chanel’s signature topics/ clothes/ materials were there (suits, black and white, bouclé, quilt bags) but interpreted in a new way: country chic. The most obvoius references were the high heel clogs sometimes decorated with fabric flowers followed by chrochet bags and dresses, poppy blossoms and long skirts.

chanel_country details
These ingredients wouldn’t have been very interesting or might even have resulted in a pretty boring collection if not  the following “spices” were added: a Lolita like sweetness which dominated the cuts (lots of short A-line skirts, tight fitting jackets, playful tights, puffed sleeves) and overall style (especially the hair),


the exaggeration of some details, sometimes close to kitsch, which made one sense some self-mockery,


and finally references to the next season’s tendencies like nude colours, tulle or lace.chanell_tulle
And something else is also not to be forgotten: as always at Chanel the collection’s most stunnig part are the details  sparkling with masterly handicraft.  That’s what makes  it one of the most splendid collections for me.

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