Sewing: Sequin socks

There are many, many sewing and DIY projects which are still existing in my head only. But one of them, the sequin socks, has been reanimated by Cooloutfit since she asked who would join a craft session to decorate socks or tights with sequins, beads etc. This virtual commitment led to quite good results: finally my sequin socks came into existence!

The inspirational source were the sequin socks by Miu Miu from their fall 2009/ 2010 collection. I would have really bought them but there were out of my reach and also a little bit too much embellished for my taste.

What I used…

sequin socks zutaten

…and the outcome:

sequin socks

sequin socks 2

a close up for details


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11 Responses to Sewing: Sequin socks

  1. kelly says:

    simply fabulous!
    sure to put a spring in your step. i don’t think i’d stop smiling all day if i wore those! great project!!

    • dressmaker says:

      Thanks! Now I will always have your comment in mind when I wear my socks – thus I surely will have a spring in my step and smile 🙂

  2. michi says:

    wow wow wow wow!!!!
    did you just use glue or have you been sewing them on?

    • dressmaker says:

      Maybe I should have wrote more about the how to do… 🙂
      I sewed the sequins on. To make the sewing easier I put the socks over a roll made of paperbord. But since these rolls’ circumference is mostly smaller than the leg one’s you have to sew the sequins loosely on. Otherwise the threat might rip when you put the socks on.
      I hope this was easy to understand as I am not that good in describing technical stuff in English…

  3. ewigmaedchen says:

    You’re so creative, oh my god.
    I’m stilling trying to find ideas for for velvet jacket to make it look more modern, and you just do it! Great, i love it!

  4. theotheryou says:

    do you sew each sequin separate holding them with a knot above and under the fabric? i cant tell from the picture. what do u think is the best way to sew them without crossing the sequin with the thread? thanks!

    • dressmaker says:

      Hi! I did not sew every sequin seperatly. The little secret are small seed beads which are holding every sequin in place. At first you make a knot which will stay under the fabric, you add the sequin and after the sequin the small bead and then you stich back only through the sequin so that the little bead is functioning like knot above. Then you can go on with the next sequin-bead couple and so on. If you sew the sequin on like that you also prevent crossing the sequin with the threat. I hope this was understandable! If not feel free to ask again! Happy sewing!

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  6. Emilia says:

    I just saw J-Lo on the cover of Latina and had to have her socks. I couldn’t find where to buy them but love that I can make them! Thank you!

  7. cheekycorner says:

    Simply creative and easy to apply! I would love to make it !

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