Some ideas for christmas…

While surfing Etsy lately I found some really nice possible gifts which might be also helpful for other people searching for the perfect something. Thus I decided to post them last minute for the blogparade by stilzeug – maybe someone will have a peaceful time until christmas now 🙂

The ultimate gift for any bookworm: you can list up every book you’ve red with autor and title plus rate it

by Green Chair Press

A multifunctional gift for fashion lovers: a scarf, a shrug, a belt….

by Under Reconstruction

Cute and unique: brooches by Crafty Folk

The dreamy art by Carambatack Design– there are prints, original artwork and postcards available

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3 Responses to Some ideas for christmas…

  1. michi says:

    love the multifunctional scarf thingy!!

  2. Conny says:

    ich liebe dieses “bücher-die-ich-gelesen-habe-auflistungs-buch”!!! vielen dank für den tollen tip!

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