Why I hate fashion…

… is an article written by Tanya Gold for The Guardian, published on Friday 22nd of January. The subtitle is “High heels are painful, designer clothes don’t make you beautiful and even the most successeful models are thoroughly miserable“. It sounds like a good load of depressiv, negative thoughts of an unhappy lady railing against the evil world of fashion. Well, I’m acutally thinking of myself as a passionated fashion lover but the further I red the more I understood her.

Tanya Gold writes about her personal fashion history – what a joy it was for her when she was young and how it slightly became a more or less horrific relationship:

I thought I looked just like the effortlessly beautiful girls at school. Except I didn’t. And, very soon, I realised that I didn’t. All that weekend job money and childish angst and still I looked like me. That was the first seduction – and the first betrayal.”

But the authoress did not give up and went on trying to fullfill her fashion dreams:

Run towards the ever-­receding sense of self-acceptance and the promise of love; perhaps this ­collection will fix you! Or this one! And if it doesn’t, there will be two more next year, like a bad clock.”

Getting fat is what rescued her in the end Tanya Gold writes. From that moment on nothing was made for her anymore so she could ignore fashion without a guilty conscience.

The ambivalence lying in fashion and in fashion business in general is shown in the article quite well. On the one hand lot’s of beautiful clothes renewing themself every second on the other hand a kind of keep up pressure, overwhelming offers, unachievable beauty ideals…
I have had many of these bad fashion moments she describes- thinking that I look like I wanted and being absolutly unhappy about my apperance the next minute- running from collection to collection, but never being quite satisfied etc. But what is the reason behind it – is it me or is it society only?

I would suggest it’s both: personal and enviromental factors are resulting in a multicausal interaction pattern. Imagine a person with a weak self-confidence and a passion for clothes. This person might be very sensetive to  common beauty ideals and react in a negative way if he/she has the feeling he/she can not fullfill the demands.
One can imagine a lot of such examples but this one already shows my point: certain personal factors make us more sensetive to pressure, stress etc. These are factors which can be changed by ourselves.
And besides this I would say that fashion is quite an open business in our society. You can spread your own style, our own fashion ideas etc. easily if you have the courage to do so.

Thus it is not necessary to hate fashion because it seems to demand a crazy ideal etc. Just change it in a way it fits your own life. Or to say it in other words: play with fashion, don’t let fashion play with you.

I outpaced many bad fashion moments by beginning to develop an own style. It is a kind of compass through all the offers, trends and collections.  And with the time one is getting more confident about oneself and becoming more immun to ideals, pressures etc.
There are still times where everything goes wrong but this is life.

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