Valentine’s Day

For some Valentine’s day is the day of commerce – only there to fill the store’s cashbox. But for others it’s the day of love. I am torn between the two. Somehow I like the idea of a day for love but at the same time it gives me a chill when I see all this sob stuff in some stores sold for Valentine’s Day.
Thus to find some less kitschy things for Valentine’s Day was quite necessary for my taste conscience.

Things to wear:

left: Karen Walker, right: Truely, Madly, Deeply, both available via Urban Outfitters

left: DEPT, right: Pepe Jeans both via frontlineshop

left: dress by LP.BG, right: top by Lerario Beatriz via Amélie Boutique

And at last a very pinky suggestion

left: Modcloth “Be my Valentine” dress,  right: Topshop


Lost love compass by Digby and Iona via Amélie Boutique

Lovebirds hat by Leander & Swann – my very own Valentine’s Day creation

And most important: cards

All available via Etsy

Pearl & Marmalade

Alicia Bock

Here you get a postcard set!

The spotted sparrow

This is a coupon book including several tickets with things like “1 breakfast in bed”, “1 weekend getaway” etc. There’s also a naughty one available.


Flapper Doodle

The text is a inside greeting option the seller took from a Valentine’s card her grandfather send to her grandmother in World war II.

Both by Two Guitars

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