Anthropologie Wishlist

I won’t post again during the next four days – sorry again! Tomorrow a little weekend trip to London will start and most probably I won’t be online.
Of course I have some shopping plans and for one store I created a little wishlist: Anthropologie. I am big fan of their clothes but shipping to Germany is quite expensive thus it’s really nice that they are in London now. Hopefully they start an online business from UK soon…

Here are the wishlists:

On the 21st will be the Vintage Fashion Fair at Hammersmith. I am quite excited since there are no such fairs in Germany. I am longing for little straw hat from the 40s or 50s, some lace gloves and a nice day dress from the 30s or 40s. Maybe I can take some pictures and post them here…

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1 Response to Anthropologie Wishlist

  1. Maggie says:

    I love both of those belts! I’ve been on the hunt for some cute belts to put on my birthday wishlist on and those two are exactly what I’ve been looking for!

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