This blog is not dead…

… it’s just going through some hard times of (more or less) total negelct.
And I have to admit that I am fully responsible. Since the last post in June university is eating me up alive but better times are coming soon: with the beginning of October the final examination phase is done and I will have my degree – so more time to live.

But for now I found a little bit of time to show you some of my favourits for autumn:

This satchel (available at Zara’s online store) is finally fulfilling my bag dreams: it has a preppy and unique style, looks not cheap but well handicrafted and is affordable.

At first sight this little cardi from Zara does not seem to be special but the leather patches at the elbows make it convincing.

I have not shopped at Mango for a while. Somehow there was always a little pinch missing to satisfy me. This fall these two campaign pictures caught my attention. The play of autumn colours with classical timeless pieces convinced me here. I especially love the blouse on the second picture (the lady with the newspaper). It is available online but looks very pale there – so I am not quite sure if should buy or not…

And a very lovely look from Anthropologie:

Well, that’s it for today. Maybe I find some more time before October. If not I’ll be back for sure after the 5th of October.

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