Bow tie issue

My considerations on wearing a bow tie started with a streetwear photo by The Sartorialist:

For me the bow tie makes this outfit really interesting. It is an example for playing with certain expectations what a man and what a woman normally wears. Adding a classical men’s wear piece to an outfit with some clearly female attitudes (like the short skirt (or shorts??)) breaks with expectations so the outfit becomes fresh somehow.
But I forgot about the whole idea and it popped up again with the Lanvin Collection for H&M. The bow ties of the men’s collection caught my eye quickly. Especially because they seem to be made of silk. So my first idea was to buy one from Lanvin for H&M and combine it with a simple shirt or blouse. Well, then I red a post by Katja from Bees and Ballons, where she shows one of the Lanvin bow ties. The problem (for me as for Katja): the bow tie is bigger than normal and I am not quite sure if I really wear that..
Today another option apperaed at Etsy from a la parisienne:

I was instantly sold on that bow tie but on the other hand it is pretty unique concerning colour and pattern what makes it hard to combine. I don’t know – to buy or not to buy?

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One Response to Bow tie issue

  1. Michi says:

    I LOVE the bow tie idea! But I have doubts as to whether I’ll be able to pull it off.

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