Support for the peaceful protesters in Egypt

I am sitting in front of my computer since 1pm yesterday watching the Al-Jazeera live stream with live broadcasts from Cairo, Alexandria and Suez and reading the live blogs from New York Times, Al Jazeera and Al-Masry Al-Youm. What is going on in Egypt is exciting and frightning at the same time.  Exciting, because there is a chance for a true regime change in Egypt now and I just hope that the Eyptians will go on with taking this chance! Yalla Egypt!!
It’s frightning, because protesters die, get injured and it can be all in vain in the end. I have friends there from most of whom I know that they are save but not from all. And since I’ve lived there and will (maybe) go back in March I feel close to the people and the country. So it hurts to see that Egyptians have to suffer to make their point, to demand universal rights they actualy should already have.
Hopefully it is all for good in the end.

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