Cairo Gourmet Discoveries: Sweet Verrine with Rose Mousse

Since I am back in Egypt I am discovering a lot of new mouth watering oppertunities. The latest ist La Gourmandise offering a variety of nice french style food ranging  from salats to pastries.
My favourite though is one of their sweet verrines made of five layers.
The first layer is a big yummie rose flavoured Macarone which you have to crack gently to start eating. It’s followed by a heavenly rose mousse with just the right consistency, then a layer of great tasting rasberry jelly,  some juicy pinkish biscuit stuff and at last: astonishing Litschis.
Since the verrines are offered in little glass jars I might have collected 10 persons’ set until the end of my Cairo stay.
Two rose verrines accompanied by a French pastry called Charlotte
Heavenly taste!
. La Gourmandise‘s delivery boxes (already piling up in a corner of my room)
Where to go:
La Gourmandise, Tea Lounge at No.85 9th St. , Maadi Cairo
La Gourmandise at First Mall, No.35 Giza St, Cairo
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