Cairo Gourmet Discoveries: The Bakery around your corner

Everywhere in Cairo you find little bakeries offering a big range of baked goods. This is where some of my favourite Egyptian food comes from…
First there are these tiny bretzels mostly covered with some black cumin seeds. There are usually very crispy.
Next are these little rolls filled with the typical Egyptian white cheese. As the roll’s dough is somewhat sweet a nice flavour contrast results. These little guys are best when freshly backed otherwise they can be a slightly dry.
Another favourite of mine are these crackers which come in different flavours, e.g. with black cumin seeds, cheese or made of whole wheat flour.
Last but not least: something sweet – sesame biscuits. They are made from a butter dough covered with roasted sesame and occasionally some hazelnuts. The clue: the nuts and seeds are mixed up with some honey/ sugar syrup creating a nice crust – truly delicious!

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