Burdick’s chocolate mouse

Sweet outside and inside – Burdick’s chocolate mouse is exactly that. I chose the dark chocolate one and also bought the lemon pepper truffle at their Boston branch.

The little thing had ears made from chopped almonds and was filled with a orange juice flavored ganache. The chocolate’s taste was full-bodied and rich, the ganache had the right creamy consistency and the covering chocolate blended nicely in with the filling. The orange juice added a fruity touch (not directly regocnizable as orange but still good) giving the ganache some extra character.
The lemon pepper truffle was made from dark chocolate, lemon, pepper, cream and rum, dusted with dark chocolate powder. The truffle’s concisteny was creamy but a little sticky. The chocolate’s taste was again rich and full-bodied with a intense lemon flavor and a peppery finish – quite magnificent!
I would have loved to try more from their selection – a reason to come back to Boston…
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2 Responses to Burdick’s chocolate mouse

  1. I just love chocolate and all the different things you can make with it…those dark chocolate mice sound so yummy!!!!!!!

  2. Johnny says:

    Very descriptive article, I liked that bit. Will there be a part 2?

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