Happy Easter from Cairo

Actually it is not  Easter yet here in Egypt – the Coptic christians will celebrate it a week later than the Europeans or Americans. But as all my friends and family are already celebrating, I stick to the European calender.
Egyptian stores especially the Chocolateries are prepared for the European/American Easter tradition and sell chocolate eggs, chocolate rabbits and everything else. In the Coptic tradition only eggs are important. They are understood as a  symbol of life – a Coptic friend told me.
But Coptic Egyptians start integrating some of the European/American traditions into their celebrations, like putting up a decorated tree on Christmas. This fashion has according to another friend increased in the last years.

Christmas trees sold in December on 26. of July


a fancy dashboard decoration seen in Zamalek in April


For my little Easter I bought myself a little treat at Choco Chocola, an Egyptian Chocolatier, who sells really good and delicate chocolate.

So, Happy Easter everyone!


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