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Der Herbst naht…

Die Überschrift dieses Blogposts stimmt ja eigentlich noch nicht so ganz, zumindest nicht, wenn es dem Kalender nach geht. Allerdings fühlt sich das Wetter doch die meiste Zeit herbstlich an und modisch befinden wir uns schon längst im Herbst, denn … Continue reading

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Armreifen Obsession

In meinem letzten Blogpost zu Bimba y Lola habe ich angekündigt dem Label mal einen Besuch abzustatten, sobald ich wieder in Kairo bin. Dort gibt es ein Bimba y Lola Filiale in City Stars. Mittlerweile war ich zwei Mal dort … Continue reading

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Theodora & Callum

Reisen ist definitiv inspirierend für vielerlei Dinge – Stefani Greenfield und Desiree Gruber haben ihre von Reisen mitgebrachte Inspirationen in ein Accessoires Label umgesetzt “Theodora und Callum”, benannt nach ihren Kindern. In ihrer ersten Kollektion, die im Frühjar 2011 erschien,  … Continue reading

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Bow tie issue

My considerations on wearing a bow tie started with a streetwear photo by The Sartorialist: For me the bow tie makes this outfit really interesting. It is an example for playing with certain expectations what a man and what a … Continue reading

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Toile de Jouy

Once in a while I stumbled over clothes or accessories made from this obviously French fabric: toile de Jouy. Lately I saw these accessories for spring 2010 by Wunderkind: Mostly I’ve seen this fabric as ubholstery, tapestry or as covers … Continue reading

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A new addition to my hat collection…

This little black number will adorn my head in a couple of days…. Bought from Glamour Wussums

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Leander & Swann

I finally did it and created my very own label: Leander & Swann. Leander & Swann is a result of my personal creative development. I did my first steps during my childhood and started sewing for myself in my late … Continue reading

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Some Etsy favourites…

Whimsical, cute, entchanted, beautiful things from Etsy… by Vie Moderne by Garden of Whimsy by Holly Stalder by Malam by Flaunt Designs Jewelry by Helis

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Sewing: Sequin socks

There are many, many sewing and DIY projects which are still existing in my head only. But one of them, the sequin socks, has been reanimated by Cooloutfit since she asked who would join a craft session to decorate socks … Continue reading

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Currently in love with…

…a squirrel purse! It’s sooooooooooooo cute! Wanted!!!! Available at Tsuru Bride’s Etsy Shop And I also love this winged piggy… pics via Tsuru Bride

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